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We are a full service landscaping company located in the NW Atlanta Suburb of Dallas, GA. Now is the Perfect time of year to get your yard looking it’s absolutely best!
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About Us

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Perfect Turf services the NW Metro Atlanta area and the surrounding cities of Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth and Dallas. We train our team members by working side by side with them in the field. Off the field, we help to continue their education through industry certifications and training classes. On our projects we always put our best foot forward for our customers.

Our Mission and Dedication

Our Pursuit of Perfection

Perfect Turf prides itself on offering friendly, top quality services to hundreds of happy and satisfied clients around NW Atlanta. In the rare event of a problem on one of our properties or job sites we always react promptly to solve the problem and continue ongoing lasting relationships with our clients. We take customer satisfaction and our reputation seriously.

Our Services


The foundation of a professional landscaping installation starts with a plan. Perfect Turf provides a plan to its customers in a few different ways. For smaller projects a plan can be designed onsite with the customer by marking and painting in the desired landscaping areas. We provide each customer with a drawing of the proposed project along with a supplies and materials list. For medium to large sized projects we can provide detailed set of plans, spec. book and 3D modeling.  We will create a landscaped environment that you can’t wait to come home to. Our goal is to create that special place for you to take a deep breath, relax and unwind.

  • Landscape Maintenance
    The overall beauty of your business, home owners association, or residential property makes a lasting first impression and we want to help make sure it is a good one. Clean, Crisp, and Healthy are the three words that describe the properties that we maintain.
  • Weed Control & Fertilization
    We use only the best fertilizers and weed control products on the market. We perform a soil sample over several areas of your lawn and apply the proper nutrients to your lawn based on the results of the soil sample.
  • Top Dressing
    Our process for top dressing a lawn is as follows…First we scalp the lawn, second we core aerate the lawn, third we sand the lawn, fourth we drag the lawn to smooth out any high or low spots, and finally we apply a slow release fertilizer to the lawn. If you desire to have lawn that looks like a golf course then top dressing is where you should start.
  • Aeration
    Compacted soil contributes to the accumulation of thatch because restricted oxygen levels in highly compacted soils impair the activity of earthworms and other thatch-decomposing organisms. Left unmanaged, thatch can lead to serious maintenance and pest problems. If soil is compacted, the solution is straightforward: aerify.
  • Drainage
    Water going to the wrong place on you property can cause serious damage to structures and your landscapes. We are experts at making water go where it is supposed to. Whether it be constructing a Bio Retention Pond, installing a french drain, yard inlet or box drain systems, or even re grading an area to change the direction and flow of water, we can handle it.
  • Pressure Washing
    We have washed thousands of houses, decks, fences, and commercial properties over the years. We have hot water, high gallon per minute commercial pressure washers that are ready to go to work for you. We also have concrete surface cleaners to clean driveways, pool pads, sidewalks and parking lots.


At Perfect Turf Landscaping our goal and mission is to create an excellent team that produces an excellent product. We strive for our work environment to be encouraging and motivational. We believe that happy, content employees will produce the best results and products for our customers. Below are a few of our most recent design projects as well as properties we maintain year round. Click any picture to view larger.

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